Zvičina mountain

Zvičina is a local peak at a altitude of 671 metres above sea level, near the village of Třebihošť, from which you can observe the surrounding mountains. From the highest mountain in Podkrkonoší, you will see Ještěd, the Jizera mountains, the whole Krkonoše mountain range, and the Vraní [Crow], Stolové [Table] and Orlické [Eagle] mountains as if they were in the palm of your hand. Set off on the Zvičina Views walking sightseeing circuit and the Following the Footsteps of K. V. Rais educational trail. In winter, this peak is a sought-after skiing destination. 

Take a small break for refreshments in Hotel pod Zvičinou [Hotel at the Foot of Zvičina] and then continue to the village of Bílá Třemešná, the place which was the last stop in Bohemia for John Amos Comenius, teacher of nations. The memorial, and the exhibition devoted to his memory and his stay here, is also certainly worth stopping for.

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