Kuks Hospital

Magnificence, pedigree and nobility.  These are the words that spring to mind when you see Kuks Hospital. The entire complex is revitalized, and thus offers a view of the period of its greatest glory. Take a tour of Špork’s dominion; you’ll be enthralled by the newly-unveiled Dance of Death painting, the Herb Garden, and the already well-known Braun’s Virtue and Vice statues. You can also purchase sight-seeing circuits directly in the Hospital, on whose routes you can see, for example, the U Granátového Jablka [At the Pomegranate] pharmacy, the second oldest preserved pharmacy in the Czech Republic, the Pharmaceutical Museum, or the Count’s tombs, which together with the Hospital, temple and cemetery formed the spiritual world of Kuks - the so-called bank of death.

If the Baroque art enchants you, you can also go and see Braun’s Bethlehem, a unique natural gallery of statues carved into the rocks by sculptor Matyáš Bernard Braun. If you’re making the journey to Bethlehem by foot, shorten it by passing the 21st century Way of the Cross with the title “A Tale of Man’s Suffering and Hopes”.

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