ZOO Dvůr Králové

Do you want to enjoy a marvellous day among African animals, driving through a unique African Safari among freely roaming zebras, antelopes and now even among lions? Do you want to discover the Dark Continent’s poisonous snakes, the rare okapi rainforest giraffe, look at the rare drills’ scariest smile or experience adrenalin in the rope park’s tree tops? Stop in the Dvůr Králové Zoo, in a garden with more than sixty years of history, which belongs among the leading African animal breeders in the world.
Part of the visit is the option of staying in the Safari Park Resort, which is located directly in the zoo compound and offers a wide range of accommodation options, from hotel-type lodges in the Safari Hotel, through bungalows, to safari tents with a view of the African animals’ pen in the Safari Camp.

Every year, during the holidays, the zoo resonates with the enchanting rhythm of booming drums and African artists’ singing. It’s the venue for a festival full of African music, dance, food and children’s competitions, as well as screenings of cult films in the newly renovated open-air cinema - the amphitheatre. The star of this festival is the IYASA artistic group from Zimbabwe. You can also meet Zimbabwean sculptor Maudy Muhoni, who will demonstrate her art and teach you how to transform stone into a beautiful sculpture.

The Dvůr Králové Zoo is found in the map portal here.