Town Walls

The town was fortified as early as the end of the 13th century, and the ramparts encircled it in a large oval. Access to the town was provided by four gates: Upper, Lower, Shingle-maker’s and Hillfort. The gates were protected by cylindrical towers; only the tower at the Upper Gate was prismatic. The fortified character of the town was reinforced in the south and west by the river Elbe; there were water moats here with drawbridges. The Dvůr fortifications are exceptional in the region - the rampart wall did not have a gallery with battlements, but an inwardly-sloping panel roof.

From the year 1785 the ramparts stopped serving their purpose, but in the year 1841 they still existed around almost the entire town. Even today, the trace of the former ramparts is evident. In several places we can see more complete fragments, which allow us to touch the town’s history - e.g. the section in Valová Street, on the western side of Church of St. John the Baptist, and at the Shingle-maker’s Tower. Of the gates, part of the Upper Gate is preserved (you can see its fragments at the end of Valová Street – people still call it “At the Gate” today), as well as part of the Shingle-maker’s. Of the towers, only the Shingle-maker’s Tower is preserved.

The ramparts are found in the map portal here

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