Chotěborky (13 km)

Kostel Chotěborky
Chotěborky, which you can reach from Dvůr Králové na Labem via Dubenec and Vilantice, entered or nation’s cultural consciousness due to its famous native, František Xaver Dušek. It’s a small settlement on a slight hill, which even today seems to belong to another world. In addition to several farm buildings, it contains a school, a church with a rectory and a large cemetery. Chotěborky used to be an administrative centre, and also a place of pilgrimage for surrounding villages.

The wooden Gothic bell tower is a popular object for photographers. It consists of an octagonal wooden prism which changes into a four-sided floor covered by a high shingle tent. Of interest is also the cemetery stone Baroque portal, the Church of the Assumption, and the large cemetery around the church; tombstones with the emblems of the owners of Vřešťov Castle are embedded in its original walls.

The dominant feature of the square is the pillar of St. John of Nepomuk and the family home of František Xaver Dušek, owner of Bertramka in Prague, which Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart visited on several occasions. Mozart wrote the famous aria “Farewell, my beautiful flame” for František’s wife Josefína Dušková, an outstanding singer. A memorial plaque is set on Dušek’s family home, containing the text: “On 8/XII/ 1731, Czech composer F.X. Dušek, father of Czech piano art and friend of Mozart, was born here”. The cemetery area is a superb vantage point for the entire surroundings.

You can find a tourist map of the area here.

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Kostel Chotěborky

Kostel Chotěborky

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