The Border Stones educational trail

Naučná stezka hraničních kamenů Kocbeře
The educational trail begins at the bus stop in lower Kocbeře, at the World War I monument, and continues east to the village of Kohoutov. Along the path, which is slightly less than two kilometres long, you will find stops dealing with the settlement, Count Špork’s dominion, and forests and sandstone in the vicinity of Kocbeře.
The educational trail was created as the “Borders and paths among us” project in the year 2005 by the pupils of Kocbeře Primary School with the help of their parents, the villages of Kocbeř and Kohoutov, and other supporters of the school. It was a joint grant and assistance project by the SEVER Partnership Foundation and Ecological Education Centre, realized in cooperation with Toyota, the Dvůr Králové region and Ekocentrum PALETA - School for a Sustainable Life. 

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