Špork’s Kuks educational trail

Hospital Kuks
A walk through the former baths complex and hospital, an important Baroque monument of European format, awaits you.  The educational trail represents this locality’s appearance at the time of its greatest glory. Over several stops, you can familiarize yourself with the life of Count F. A. Špork, his subjects, and the spa guests.

We invite you on a walk through the magnificent Baroque complex of the former baths. Three hundred years ago Kuks competed with many European baths, and was a cultural centre. You can admire Baroque spa houses, timber cottages, the local vineyard and the cascading staircase.

The educational trail has 12 stops:

1. Špork’s Kuks

2. More impressive than Karlovy Vary [Carlsbad]

3. Špork’s Castle

4. Wine and vineyard

5. Baroque theatre

6. Factory above the stream

7. Waterfront colonnade

8. The bank of life and the bank of death

9. A Lutheran among Catholics

10. Craftsmen’s houses

11. Dominion administrator’s house

12. The destruction and rebirth of Kuks

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