Safari in the town

Kruhový objezd - surikaty
The on-line trail Safari in the Town is designed for families with children who, in addition to the zoo, also want to take a trip to the beautiful centre of Dvůr Králové na Labem, look at more than just the square, and have great fun. The route measures 2.3 kilometres, has a total of 11 stops and is fully passable by prams. The authors are the students of the High School of Information Science and Services, and Dvůr Králové Secondary School.

The educational trail has 11 stops:

1. Napoleon before the town gates;
2. At Vendula’s;
3. A sit-down with Pepa the snake;
4. At Prak the Dragon’s;
5. And the snake again;
6. At Philip the dolphin’s;
7. At the pride of lions; 
8. Pepa attacks!
9. Stray lion cubs; 
10. At the live ducks; 
11. A tournament beside the meerkats!

You can find more information about the on-line trail here.

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