Karel Jaromír Erben educational trail

Krajem K. J. Erbena
The Karel Jaromír Erben educational trail is a circuit leading through the town of Miletín and its surroundings. It was built with the aim of informing visitors to Miletín about the eminent author’s life and work. The circuit starts at K. J. Erben’s family home. The route, which is approximately 5 km long, contains 10 stops equipped with seating areas, information notices and accompanying furniture. The continuation of the K. J. Erben educational trail informs visitors about more distant places; the trail connects to the trail built at K. J. Erben’s family home. It then continues through Červená Třemešná and Vrbiny, all the way to the Church of St. Peter and Paul in Byšičky. After that, the route passes the Hluboký and Nadýmák ponds. The Zvičina panorama opens in the village of Vlkanov, and then then the trail takes us though Miletínek and back to Miletín. The continuation of the educational trail is approximately 14 km long.

The K. J. Erben educational trail (1st part) begins in the writer’s family home. An information notice which briefly presents the personality of K. J. Erben to you is located here. Another stop is located at the well on Koš, where a statue of the noonday witch and a bench is located. The third stop is called Execution Ground, according to its actual purpose, when King Premysl Otakar II. introduced capital punishment to the town. The events in this place inspired Erben to write the ballad The Daughter’s Curse. The fourth place is called “Hey! The lord is coming from the forest.....”; here, as well as a notice and a seating area, there’s a wooden statue of a lord who watches K. J. Erben’s family home.  The ballad “The Golden Spinning Wheel” is connected to this place. The fifth stop is Miletínské Lázně [Miletín Baths], where people came to be cured. There’s also a mention here of Erben’s friend, K. H. Mácha. The next stop is called Through the Eyes of K. J. Erben. Here, the visitor gets a unique opportunity to compare the existing view with a period perspective. There’s a pillar here with a cross from the year 1811 - the year when K. J. Erben was born. The seventh place is called Following the Ancestors’ Footsteps - the Cemetery; here, you will get information about Erben’s family, some of whom are buried in the local cemetery.  The second-last stop - Towards Erben’s Face - is devoted to the monument to K. J. Erben and its history. The last stop is Parkáň; inside the tower you will find information about the school, monastery, castle etc..

An overview of the individual stops in the first part of the tour:

1. Family home
2. The well on Koš
3. Execution ground
4. Hey! The lord is coming from the forest...
5. Miletín baths
6. Through the eyes of K. J. Erben
7. Following the Ancestors’ Footsteps - the Cemetery
8. Towards Erben’s face
9. Parkáň
10. Kytice

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