Following the footsteps of K.V. Rais in Lázně Bělohrad

The educational trail starts at the K. V. Rais Monument in the castle park in Lázně Bělohrad. The individual stops are connected with the life and work of the famous writer; the route leads along cultural and natural monuments. The length of the trail is 11 kilometres; 2 kilometres more if we turn off for Rais’ Book.

The educational trail starts at the K. V. Rais Monument in the castle park (1). From the monument you set off towards the upper part of the square, to the place where Rais’ family house stood (2). At the end of the square you cross the bridge and turn right. You will walk along the Javorka river, where several timber buildings are found, to a crossroads of paths signposted for tourists, which is located opposite the pharmacy, You continue to the K. V. Rais Monument, which is located in the small park in front of the Frič Museum. Here, you can turn off for the cemetery. Rais’ parents are buried at the cemetery wall, not far from the main entrance. From Vojtíškova Street you turn left, cross the Javorka again, and turn right onto the red trail. You will continue along this trail, past Nový Dvůr, to the pilgrimage church in Byšičky (4). You can walk along the recently renovated Way of the Cross. You continue along the yellow tourist trail to the Bažantice nature park (5).  In the park you first walk past the Anna Maria stream, which you can taste. You pass the Countess’ and Black lakes. You continue along the yellow trail to the Lázně Bělohras a.s. mud baths compound (6). You walk on an asphalt road past the Pardoubek pond (7) to the picturesque village of Brtev (8). At the green above the village, the first view of Bělohradská Kotlina [Bělohrad Basin] and Hořický Chlum opens up. You keep climbing along the yellow trail to the village of Vřesník (9). At the end of the village you’ll be amazed by a panorama of unprecedented beauty (10). At the bottom of the hillside, the road to Kal winds along the Bystrý stream. On the hill, directly opposite us, there is a pillar with a book laid down. This place is called Rais’ Book. The route continues along the hillside, on which a ski slope leads down to the houses called “Na Lukách” [On the Meadows]. You continue on the road along the yellow trail, in the direction of the village of Bezník. At the crossroad below the village you can turn off for Bezník, with its typical Podkrkonoše cottages (11) and continue along a dirt road to the afore-mentioned Rais’ Book. The educational trail at the crossroads before the village continues right to the village of Borek. Here you can take a look at a small bell tower, which today is missing a bell. Here, you can also find the no less interesting Rais’ Rest (13). After a short rest you must continue further, left and across the hill to Podemladí. On the hill, you will find the most beautiful view of Zvičina. You continue to a lone building, in front of which there is a beautiful memorial linden tree. From here it seems to us that Zvičina is very near, but that’s not exactly the truth. You still have to walk along the forest path to the road. You walk through the village, and you’ve achieved your goal (14). The reward for the effort you’ve put in is the view of the countryside - the Krkonoše, Rýchory and Orlické mountains, and Novopacko.  Zvičina was always K. V. Rais’ favorite place. He wrote about it: “Zvičina, Zvičina, you high mountain, I think about you every day of the year...”. Here the educational trail ends, and you have several options where you can go next. The tourist map will surely help you. 

Notices on the trail:

1. The K. V. Rais Monument - the interior contains souvenirs which commemorate the famous Bělohrad native. Occasional exhibitions are held here.  Start of the educational trail.

2. K. V. Rais’ family home - the place where K. V. Rais’ family home stood. Today there’s a memorial plaque here.

3. Frič Museum - K. V. Rais Monument - the monument is located in the park in front of the Frič Museum.  Rais’ parents’ grave is in the nearby cemetery. 

4. Byšičky - a favourite tourist destination. The pilgrimage church of St. Peter and Paul with renovated Way of the Cross. A pleasant view of the Bělohrad Basin. A wooden statue of St. Augustin.

5. Bažantnice - a large nature park with a sports complex and tennis courts.

6. Lázně Bělohrad a.s.  - sought-after mud baths. Musculoskeletal disorders are cured here.

7. Pardoubek - a natural swimming pool.

8. Brtev - a picturesque village at the foot of the Hůra. A pretty chapel to the left of the educational trail.

9. Vřesník - a village mentioned in the 14th century in connection with silver mining. On the village green there’s a monument to those killed in the World Wars.

10. Vřesník - the green behind the village - a place with a pleasant view of the entire southern part of Podkrkonoší.

11. Bezník - in this village there are many typical and distinctive Podkrkonoše cottages. An interesting wooden tower bell.

12. Rais’ Book - K. V. Rais’ favourite place; a pleasant view. On the stone pillar there’s an open book with the engraved inscription K. V. Rais.

13. Borek - Rais’ Rest - a typical mountain village. The famous writer liked to relax on the stone bench.

14. Zvičina - a place with a vast view.  On the peak there’s the Church of St. John of Nepomuk, and a tourist cottage. It’s currently only open on weekends. The goal of the educational trail.

Notices off the trail:

A. Bystrý Mlýn - a former mill on the red tourist trail near the village of Kal, on the Zvičina-Pecka route. A romantic place in the Bystřice valley.  After a fire in the year 1995, a new timber cottage was built which stands there today.

B. Valy [Ramparts] - lies on the green tourist trail between the villages of Kal and Vřesník. A rare sight at the hillfort is the burial mound.  

C. Krkonoše view - one of the most beautiful views of all of Podkrkonoše. It lies on the blue tourist trail from Lázně Bělohrad to Pecky. From here, there’s a superb view of the entire Krkonoše panorama.

D. The Javorka headwater - the information notice is located in the bend on the road, on the blue tourist trail.
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