Through K. J. Erben’s territory

Krajem K. J. Erbena

Cycle routes for recreational cyclists 

Route characteristic: 3rd class road

Route length: 34 km
Altitude profile: 699 m
Bike type: trekking, road
Start/finish: Dvůr Králové nad Labem – T. G. Masaryk Square
Route: Dvůr Králové nad Labem – Zálesí – Doubravice – Zábřezí – Trotina – Miletín – Třebihošť – Zvičina – Lázně pod Zvičinou – Dolní Brusnice – Bílá Třemešná – Dvůr Králové nad Labem

From the square we set off in the direction of the train station, and we’ll be pedalling approximately 5 km uphill all the way to the village of Zálesí. Take care from Zálesí to Doubravice! The route crosses a main road. After the exit we turn right immediately after the bridge onto a steep but short hill, and continue in the direction of Zábřezí, Trotin, Miletín.

After visiting the sights in Miletín we head from the square along the road in the direction of Lázně Bělohrad, and immediately after the sign indicating the end of Miletín village we turn right in the direction of Třebihošť. We continue along the road up a slight hill. In Třebihošť, at the U Lípy [At the Linden Tree] inn, we turn left. A steep climb brings us to the Zvičina saddle.

After that we keep pedalling along the road to the village of Zvičina, and from here it’s just a short distance to the peak itself, towering over the countryside at a height of 671 m above sea level.

From the peak we return to the village of Zvičina, which we pass through, and after it we turn right along the cycle route. A pleasant forest asphalt road along the mountainside brings us to the former Baths - the present-day Hotel pod Zvičinou [At the Foot of Zvičina], with the option of refreshments.  We continue to Dolní Brusnice and Bílá Třemešná, from where we cycle directly to Dvůr Králové nad Labem.
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